.27 Caliber Remanufacturing

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Use the following selections to find the cost and order remanufacturing of YOUR fired brass into loaded ammunition.
Pricing is shown per 20 rounds
There is a $35 setup fee applied to orders of 1 box. Order more to save more, there is no setup fee for 5 boxes or more.
To order, choose your cartridge below and then select the projectile you would like to have loaded in your brass. Add the quantity you need to your cart. If we are out of stock, you can add your email to be notified when we have it in stock.
We DO NOT remanufacture the following brands of brass:
Bertam, RCC, Quality Cartridge, Armscor, Prvi Partizan or Range Pickup Brass.
If you don't see the Cartridge and/or Projectile you need; Get a custom quote here!<--- Click Me!
  • *Was this brass fired in your rifle?

    *Can you provide at least one piece of brass that was fired in your rifle for comparison?

    *Remanufacturing brass is something we take very seriously for your safety and ours.

    Do you agree that any ammunition we remanufacture for your firearm will stay with your firearm in the event of a sale and at no time will it be transferred or sold to another individual?

    Do you have a unique nickname or serial number you would like on the box label?

    Like us, you probably have multiple rifles in the same cartridge.  This is a helpful way to keep ammunition with the correct firearm.

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