6.5×284 Norma Load Development Pack – Stage One


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Rifle Chamber Measuring Tools

Want to know exactly how long your chamber is to get the most out of your rifle? We offer the following tools to help get the job done.

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Copper Creek Load Development Packs are the easiest way to find the best “recipe” for your rifle.

Stage 1 packs are the starting point to finding the optimal charge weight for your rifle.  Remember, you are developing a load to make the projectile of your choice shoot well in your rifle.

Simply choose what projectile you’d like to shoot, and we will send you 25 rounds of incrementally charged loads. 5 rounds each of 5 different powder charges, all with the same projectile. If you would like to develop loads for multiple projectiles, you will need to purchase multiple load packs. All our ammunition is loaded with temperature stable powders best suited for the caliber and projectile weight.

Head out to your favorite shooting range with your new ammunition and shoot 5, 5 shot groups at your desired distance, between 100 and 400 yards is great! If you’d like to do more in depth testing, double up a load pack and you can fire 2 five round groups or even 3 three round groups!  Whichever group gives the best results is the optimal charge weight for your rifle.  From there we can produce ammunition with your new custom load recipe.  Once you’ve purchased a minimum of 100 rounds of your newly found load, the load data will be provided to you on request.

If you want to take it a step further, then check out our stage 2 pack where we will incrementally seat the bullet to different depths for your chosen load so you can see just how accurate your rifle can be!  You can add a Modified case, a projectile and/or a Hornady OAL gauge to your load pack to measure your rifles chamber.  Please provide measurements for the overall length from base to tip.  Be sure to measure your magazine so you don’t get ammunition that won’t operate in your rifle!

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