6.5 Creedmoor Load Development Packs – Sig Sauer Brass

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Each load pack is 25 rounds. For more information about each of the three load packs please continue scrolling for a full description below.
With the current material shortages, we suggest only purchasing a load pack if you have time to shoot and react quickly. We cannot guarantee any future availability.
To order, choose your projectile below and then add the quantity you need to your cart, If we are out of stock you can add your email to be notified when we have it in stock.
  • Reminder, you have to start with pack #1.

    Reminder: Load Pack #1 tests 5 different powder charges all with the same Projectile and C.O.A.L. This is the first step to finding the perfect load for your rifle. 

    Reminder: Load Pack #2 tests 5 different C.O.A.L. with the same Projectile and Powder Charge that shot well in the first pack. 

    Reminder: Load Pack #3 tests 5 different powder charges, with finer distribution than pack #1 all with the same Projectile and C.O.A.L.

    If you measured your rifles chamber please provide us with the COAL measurement here.

    We need the Base to Tip Measurement NOT THE OGIVE.

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In order to ensure you are getting the most accurate cartridge length for your rifle we offer the following tools for measuring your internal chamber length. Are you missing any tools, you can get them all together or separately here.
1 × Hornady Lock-N-Load Straight OAL Gauge $36.99

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1 × 6.5 Creedmoor Modified Case $9.00

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1 × Single 264/6.5mm Caliber Projectile From $1.00
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1 × Stainless Steel Digital Calipers $17.99

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