Brass Annealing


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Annealing Brass is the easiest way to extend the life of brass. By properly heating the neck and upper shoulder of the case it is in turn softened. The softer brass expands easier in your chamber and as a result can last up to ten times longer than brass which has not been annealed.

It is recommended that the brass is annealed multiple times through its life. We use the following guidelines for when to anneal.

Light Loads: Every 5 Firings
Normal Loads: Every 4 Firings
Moderate Loads: Every 3 Firings
Hot Loads: Every 2 Firings

The price of $49.99 is for up to 100 pieces of brass. 

The price includes return shipping. Simply ship your brass to us at:

Copper Creek Cartridge Co.
2448 Hollandsworth Road
Rosebud, MO 63091

PLEASE include a note with your return address and/or order number!

Brass will not be decapped or cleaned. We will not sort your brass by head stamp and/or caliber. All brass must arrive to us sorted and ready to anneal.

We’ll get the process rolling and in 3 business days or less get your brass annealed and shipped back to you!

We recommend United States Postal Service flat rate boxes for shipping brass to us.