How Load Development Packs Work

Copper Creek Load Development Packs are the easiest way to find the best “recipe” for your rifle.

Our simple 3-step process will allow you to find the ideal load for your rifle. Simply choose the brass and projectile that you prefer and start with a Pack #1. If you are happy with the results of pack #1, you can stop your load development here.  How much, or how little, testing you complete is your decision, and yours alone. There isn’t a one size fits all solution and we adapt load development to your needs. 

Stage one packs are the starting point to finding the optimal charge weight for your rifle. Remember, you are developing a load to make the projectile of your choice shoot well in your rifle. Simply choose what projectile you’d like to shoot, and we will send you 25 rounds of incrementally charged loads, 5 rounds each of 5 different powder charges, all with the same projectile. If you would like to develop loads for multiple projectiles, you will need to purchase multiple load packs. All our ammunition is loaded with powders best suited for the caliber and projectile weight.

Get out there and shoot some groups.

Each load pack comes with 5 rounds of each group, so if you want to shoot more groups, order multiple packs. Two load packs gives you 10 rounds each which will allow for three, three shot groups with an extra. It’s really up to you and your needs. There isn’t a right answer here. If you always pull the 4th round in a 5 shot group, maybe its best to skip that one?!?! Your secret is safe with us.

Once you have shot all your groups, choose the color that shot best. Boom, you just customized a load for your rifle. You can stop there, order custom rounds based on those results and go on with your life. Or, you can always press on and push your testing further, totally up to you. If you decide to go further, Pack #2 is next.

Get Measurements From Your Rifle.

This step is optional, it is up to you how much effort you put into this process. However, if you want the most out of this then we recommend getting all the measurements off your rifle and chamber. To measure your internal rifle chamber dimensions you will need all four tools.  We recommend and sell these tools under our chamber measurement category: Hornady Lock-N-Load Straight OAL gauge, a modified case in the same cartridge of your rifle, the same projectile you are shooting in your Pack (if you are shooting multiple Packs with different projectiles, you can order those at the same time), and a set of calipers. Check out the video posted on our how to measure your chamber page.

It also is smart to measure your rifle’s magazine.  There is no standard in the industry so these numbers will vary widely.  Usually your chamber is different than your rifle’s magazine.  So that means your magazine may be the longest you can load to if you plan to feed the rifle from the magazine. AR rifles can generally skip the second step as the magazine length is fixed. 

With your rifle measurements you can then order Pack #2.  This pack is 25 rounds of incrementally seated loads, 5 rounds each of 5 different seating depths with the same powder charge that shot best for you in Pack #1.  This is designed to see how much jump off the lands (thus the importance of the measurement of YOUR rifle) shoots the best in your rifle.  Once you have shot your Pack #2 groups you have further customized your load.  You can stop here and get loaded ammo that has been developed specifically to your rifle.  

If you want to test further, we offer Pack #3. This load will use your newly found case overall length (COAL) that was determined with Pack #2 and retest 25 rounds, 5 each of 5 different powder charges which are more finely tuned to ensure the most accurate load for your rifle.  

Ordering Your Custom Ammunition Is Easy.

Once you have determined your most accurate load, we have created a simple way to order your custom ammunition.  Simply check the “Check here if you need custom results” checkbox on the AMMUNITION of your choice and answer the questions about which Pack and color you determined was most accurate.  We will keep your data on file forever, so you can get ammunition anytime.  Once you have purchased more than 100 rounds of the final load you can request the load data for your records. 

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We hope this helps you understand the load process but if you have any questions use the form below so we can help!