Send In Your Brass for a Modified Case


Send us a fired case that has not been sized or de-primed for the most accuracy!

Please send all brass cases to us at:

Copper Creek Cartridge Co.

2448 Hollandsworth Rd

Rosebud, MO 63091

Be sure to include include your name and phone number, and/or an order number!

We ask that all modified cases are sent to us within 30 days of ordering, after 60 days your order will be cancelled. No refunds will be offered to orders not completed in this time frame.

  • *What Cartridge are you Sending to be Modified?

    Just so we know what to lookout for!

In order to ensure you are getting the most accurate cartridge length for your rifle we offer the following tools for measuring your internal chamber length. Are you missing any tools, you can get them all together or separately here.
1 × Hornady Lock-N-Load Straight OAL Gauge $36.99

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1 × Stainless Steel Digital Calipers $17.99

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Thank you for looking.