Why is some brass shiny and others looks burnt?

Brass work hardens. This means that as brass is drawn from a cup to what you know as a cartridge case, it becomes more brittle with each step of force that is applied. Manufacturers overcome this by annealing the brass to soften it and make it pliable for the next process. All brass is annealed. […]

Do I choose small or large rifle primers?

We offer both large and small rifle primer options where applicable. If your rifle was custom built and utilizes a small or medium firing pin on a custom action, then you may want to use small rifle primed brass. This is clearly a personal decision and in our testing offers no visible accuracy boost. However, […]

Should I upgrade my brass?

This is entirely a personal decision. While we do not recommend switching brass during load development or after, it really is your own decision which brass you start with. Upgraded brass will offer more consistency and better long term performance if you are a reloader.

What brass is best?

Everyone has a personal choice when it comes to their ammunition. Therefore, we have decided to offer multiple choices for each cartridge to make it easy for you to choose your favorite. Upgrading your brass is up to you, the higher end brasses offer more case to case consistency and will have a higher resale […]