What do load packs test?

Load development packs are designed to find a custom load specifically tailored to your rifle. Each pack tests something different. Load development pack #1 tests the optimal powder charge for your rifle. Load development pack #2 tests the optimal Cartridge Overall Length (COAL) for your rifle using the optimal charge weight from pack #1. Load […]

What projectile should I choose?

Each projectile is designed for a purpose. As every shooter has a different style, each of us will also likely prefer a different projectile.  To help make the decision of what works best for you, first check out our game sizes chart so you can see where your game sizes up. Second, you can check […]

How can I obtain load data?

For our customer’s who have completed the load development pack: Once you have purchased 100 rounds or more OF THE CUSTOM LOAD FROM THE LOAD PACK, you can request your load data developed from that pack. For all other customers: We are not a source for load data. Please don’t waste your time, or ours, […]

C.O.A.L vs Ogive Measurements

We get asked all the time why we advertise COAL (Case Overall Length) measurements and do not provide Base to Ogive (BTO) measurements. Simply put, it is because each brand of ogive tool takes its measurement from a different point on the projectile and the measurements DO NOT transfer between brands of tools. Whereas, anyone […]