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Game Sizes

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We know there are lots of hunters who have questions about what cartridge/projectile/projectile weight combination is best for their individual needs based upon the type of game they will be hunting. While there is no one size fits all solution, it is important to choose the proper round for what you will be hunting. The following is a table of definitions of general game sizes:

Game TypesDescription
Small GameAnimal types in this category include rabbit, squirrel, raccoon, opossum, mink, fox, lynx, badger and raccoon. Weight typically ranges from 2 to 15 pounds.
VarmintAnimal types include coyote, jackrabbit, badger, groundhog, marmot, prairie dog, ground squirrel, rat, gopher, crow and pigeon. Weight varies from less than 1 pound to 30 pounds.
Medium GameAnimal types include deer, wild sheep, antelope, javelina, feral hogs, caribou, warthog, impala and other smaller African antelope. Weight ranges from 50 to 350 pounds.
Large GameAnimal types in this category include elk, moose, black bear, bison, musk ox, eland, zebra, kudu and crocodile. Weight ranges from 500 pounds and up.
Dangerous GameAnimal types include lion, leopard, Cape buffalo, hippopotamus, elephant, large bears and wild boar. Weight ranges from 150 pounds on up, often exceeding 750 pounds.

This information is not our opinion, it was taken directly from the NRA Family website and can be found in it’s entirety here.